Monday, October 29, 2007

Blacker News

Well these past couple of weeks have been really busy doing one thing or another. Besides knowing that I've been busy, I can hardly remember what we've been doing. Mainly school things, church things, work things and kid things.

Crystal's 5th grade class went on a Field Trip to the Columbia Springs Fish Hatchery. It was very interesting. We learned about the PH levels in water and how much oxygen is needed for the fish to live. We learned about recycling and different types of tree's and vegetation and how ivy and Himalayan blackberries kill out everything around them and we should be actively trying to get rid of them. We also learned about some floods that happened a long time ago and if you find shiny rocks, they came from Montana and the dull looking rocks are pacific northwestern rocks. It was a very interesting field trip. I told Crystal's teacher that I think I need to go back to school again. I learned all sorts of thing that I didn't know before!!

Erin had her first "sleep-over" last week and had 7 girls spend the night. They had lots of fun and at 2:00 in the morning I finally told them to go to sleep and went to bed myself. At 7:30 Erin woke me up saying she was ready for breakfast. I was surprised that they were up so early and more surprised to find out that they hadn't been to sleep yet. I got up and by the time I got the waffles ready they were asleep. Needless to say the girls all went home half asleep.

Camden's playgroup went out to Bi-Zi Farms last week and had a blast playing in their straw bale maze, their giant hay stack, looking at the animals and then the tractor ride out to pick out his pumpkin. After they were done he played on an old tractor pretending to drive it. When I asked him what the funnest part was he says, driving the tractor and playing on the haystack and looking at the animals and picking out the pumpkin, they are all my favorite.

Camden has also taken an interest in scissors lately. He has cut Erin's shoelaces off, then cut off the strap of her sandals and then finally cut the mouse cord from my computer in half. Jason thought it was quite funny...especially the mouse.

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